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TIMEPieces Artist Darkmythst to Curate Special Exhibition to Honor Black Futures Month

This month, Time Magazine’s featured TIMEPieces artist Darkmythst will curate a special exhibition to honor Black Futures Month. This exhibition will be held in specially designed Metaverse by renowned VR artist Artsy, hosted at NFT Oasis. Featuring artists Owo Anietie, Abieyuwa, Jahmel Reynolds, YoungkevArts, P.K. Woode, Naibovisuals, OBJ Clothing, Koss Couture, Kingfikser, Phulusho, HVR Memoirs, Gigi, Amoxarts and Darkmythst. Highlighting some of the top African artists working today, the exhibition promises to provide a unique lens on the future of black artist thought leadership. Darkmythst is an Afrofuturist artist with an impressive range in the digital art, NeRF, 3D modeling, and VFX world, having even worked as a VFX artist on Guardians of the Galaxy and for Marvel. Curating for NFT Oasis marks a meaningful return. During his first group show at NFT Oasis over a year prior, he discovered other speakers of Twi, a language spoken by up to 8 million people in Ghana also exhibiting in the same show hosted in the NFT Oasis Metaverse. Over the past year, The NFT Oasis Metaverse has become a potent destination for African artists to find community and promote their work, featuring collectives such as Cyberbaat, 1ma, and the Dakar Biennale.

The exhibition opens February 25th 2023 at NFT Oasis, offering a unique opportunity to hear from the artists personally, hear their perspectives, and connect one-on-one.


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