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A Division of Provenonce Inc. and NFT Oasis

"Celebrating A New Chapter: Introducing Provenonce Professional"

Greetings to our esteemed community.

Today marks not only my 43rd birthday, but also an auspicious day for our company and for the metaverse at large. As CEO and co-founder of Provenonce, I am immensely proud and thrilled to announce the launch of Provenonce Professional, a groundbreaking Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering.

Learn more about Provenonce Professional: [Link]

For those who know us for our flagship product NFT Oasis, you’re aware of our commitment to creating immersive, interactive, and transformative experiences. Today, we’re taking that commitment a step further. Provenonce Professional represents an evolution of our product suite, designed to cater to the professional and enterprise sectors, shaping the way businesses interact with their communities and customers in the metaverse.

Provenonce Professional marks a significant stride in our journey, a stride that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional digital interaction. With our MaaS offering, we provide businesses an opportunity to establish a unique presence in the metaverse. Our platform offers customizable, 3D-rendered virtual environments, seamlessly accessible via web and mobile, without the need for additional plugins or downloads.But, what truly sets us apart is our Web3 Wallet and token-gated community experiences. Our in-built wallet functionality makes it simple for users to use NFTs as access tokens, collectibles, and achievements. This technology bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, enabling businesses to provide unique experiences such as virtual concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and much more.

Learn more about Provenonce Professional: [Link]

On this special day, we invite you to explore our new offering, Provenonce Professional. Whether you're in real estate, fashion, travel, music, or any other industry, we've designed our platform to cater to your unique needs. By leveraging the power of the metaverse, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses operate and engage with their communities. We are deeply grateful to our team, our community, and all those who have supported us on this exciting journey so far. As we venture forward, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating immersive and transformative experiences in the metaverse.

Here's to new beginnings, new experiences, and a bright future in the metaverse. Welcome to Provenonce Professional.

Thank you,

Will O'Brien

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